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4-3-3 SYSTEM: tactics movements to shoot on goal

Elaborated by Bruno Redolfi

INTRO: the exercise that we offer to all our readers, opens a series of tactics our proposals concerning the development of offensive actions of a team that applies the 4-3-3 system of play. This exercise emphasizes how it's important to keep the right distances between departments of a team, coordination of movements between departments and between the players that make them up, opposed movements between players, the countermovement of players: inside-out, long-short, to mislead and beat the opponent. Developing this exercise during the practice may be deceptively simple, but the development during the match it is very different. The variable that makes the difference and which depends the success of the action during the game, is represented by the application of the right time of play and the synchronization of the movements of the players. If some players move in early or late, in addition to not applying our idea of the game, we will be predictable and it would be easy for the opposing team to intercept the ball and restart quickly. It’s important to develop the exercise repeatedly and with increasing difficulty. Initially, we will place the shapes that represent four defenders, then we will put four defenders that will only make passive opposition and finally we develop the exercise with four active defenders.

AIM OF THE EXERCISE: coordination of movements between team departments and players, passing, opposed movements, countermovement: long-short, inside-out, attack of the spaces, fast finshing on goal.

DESCRIPTION: we divide the team into two groups, while the group of defenders are training on the defensive concepts, midfielders and strikers develops the exercise that we describe. We have the shapes to form a line of four defenders. The exercise starts from the right inner midfielder, but before applying the required scheme, players can pass the ball to each other several times, after the signal of the coach, the team develop the action. That said, the left attacker make a countermovements outside-in, to receive the ball from the left inner midfielder. Just received the ball he sends it to the central midfielder, who earned space forward to serve with a quick pass, behind the difensive line, the right attacker who had also made ​​a countermovement outside-in. The central striker must always move towards the ball, attracting the two central defenders and creating space, after he must immediately attack the goal and must be always ready to receive or shoot if the situation of play changes. Anyway, will be very important to respect the time of the game and especially trying to develop with one touch.
VARIATIONS: shapes; passive defenders; active defenders