Tryouts for You




The training goals of Italian Soccer School A.I.C. – Accademia Insegnare Calcio as well as to improve, refine and enhance the technical and socio-psychological attitudes of their students, also wish to expose these young players to the Italian professional football scene with the hope of placing them on suitable teams. For this purpose and in any moment of the school and sports seasons, our Academy provides an opportunity for its’ students participating in the various types of training programs (Boarding School, Monthly Programs, Camps), to try, one or more days, with professional youth clubs participating in the Italian championships pf Serie A, B and Lega Pro. This is due to the dense network of cooperation that our Academy coaches and some of its technical staff, have and have had with professional clubs.




After an initial period of observation and tests and after a period of training and reaching the necessary improvement, our Coaching Staff prepares a detailed evaluation report on the quality of each young player. At this point, the Technical Director of the Italian Soccer School A.I.C. establish whether and if so when a student is fully ready to deal with this important event. If the young players who participate in our Academy programs demonstrate excellent skills (based on our evaluations), we will organize a try-out with a professional club immediately. The other students will continue with the training program to reach the technical and tactical level needed to participate in the tryouts with professional clubs. Of course we will choose the level of the professional club (Series A, B, Lega Pro) based on the quality and the level achieved by our players, so as to be able to compare equally with the quality of the other players of the club.




This experience, whether positive or negative is a crucial step which our students experience.  It offers them a perspective into their own technical capacities since they are training with other players of the same age who are already playing with professional teams.  Clearly, our Academy is committed to offering this opportunity to all its students, in the hope that they, too, thanks to our contribution, can achieve the dream of playing in one of the Italian professional leagues.


In the photos some moments of the great training experience of our students with Modena FC.