Testimonials - Players and Parents

This section is devoted to some our student and parent testimonials.  We are pleased to share the comments, observations, letters, thoughts and simple phrases from parents and past students who have participated in our programme.
It's especially great to see those that sent us their thoughts in Italian (with few errors) to show us just how much they learned.
Reading our testimonials helps us remember the beautiful and unforgettable past experiences with our students, the talks with their parents and helps us reflect on how we can constantly improve our program and our services for an even better soccer /school proposal.
We graciously thank all our students and their parents who throughout these years have enhanced and given meaning to our daily work.
Many Thanks!

The following are testimonials from our students and parents who have experienced Italian Soccer School A.I.C. - Accademia Insegnare Calcio


“Dear Bruno and Francesca,
Thank you once again for all you have done for Harrison over the course of the year. As he probably told you and as we have witnessed, it has been a transformative experience for him. He has returned home more passionate about soccer than ever, but he also has matured in ways we could not have imagined, maintaining his joy for learning and proud of his fluency in Italian.He has returned highly motivated to keep his soccer skills alive as well as to keep on top of his studies this summer so that he can show well at college soccer camps this summer and get off to a great academic start next year. All of this could not have happened without your kind and generous help and guidance.  He truly has been touched by his contact with you, and for that we cannot thank you enough. Obviously, we would be delighted to recommend your program to any prospective applicants and hope to see your website up and running soon! We will be sure to keep you posted of Harrison's progress. Mille grazie di nuovo!  All the best, “
P.S.  Harrison is already talking about returning to Italy next summer to play soccer!  He is too shy to ask, but if you have any soccer drills from your vast collection that you think might be helpful for him, he would love to see them!
Tad and Sandy
(Harrison’s parents)

“Hi Bruno!
I hope all is good with you and Francesca.
I only want to write to tell how happy I am with the training you gave Christopher during his stay with you. He has developed really fantastic since he came back to Sweden. He got a place in the first team of his club and has during the summer developed to be the most important player for the team, making the most goals and also the most assists without receiving one yellow or red card during the season. He was last week mentioned in our local newspaper as the player of the week and has also been contacted by the top club in Umeå to train with them this winter. A great development and I am very happy for him. In school he is also doing great so you can see that he is happy with life.
Thank you ones again for all both you and Francesca did for Christopher during his stay in Italy.
Best regards”

(Christopher’s father)
Umea - Sweden

“Ciao Bruno,
Come stai facendo? Volevo solo dire ciao e grazie ancora per tutto ciò che in Italia, mi ha fatto davvero imparare molto e grazie per avermi. I miei migliori saluti a te, Francesca e Davide. Grazie”
Oscar Elinan
Student /Player participant
(Springfield – VA USA)

“Dear Bruno,
Hi ! I would like to thank you for helping Disha to successfully complete the year long training program. She had an enriching experience in Italy and especially enjoyed every time you trained her. I think Francesca is the biggest asset of your organisation. Her endless efforts made Disha's stay in Perugia very comfortable.
I request you to send me the year end report of Disha's performance as soon as possible as I need it to add to her profile. Disha has applied to about a few colleges in UK under UCAS & her profile is also uploaded in the USA database and a few responses have started to come. We hope that she succeeds in getting admission in a undergraduate sports related degree course and also secures a place for herself in a university team. If you have any suggestions for her they would be most appreciated.
Thanks & With Regard”
Geeta Malhotra
Disha’s Mother
(New Delhi – India)

“Our son Francesco attended the Italian Soccer School – Accademia Insegnare Calcio. He was completely immersed in the Convitto’s Grade 11 programme and trained with Coach Redolfi during this time. We were extremely impressed with the growth he demonstrated in many facets: his technical abilities on the soccer field; his knowledge of the Italian language; his camaraderie with his teammates and peers and perhaps most importantly, his newly developed understanding and discovery of Italian history, architecture, culture and way of life.  Whether it was on the soccer field, in the classroom or on one of the many excursions on which Coach Redolfi and Francesca, the Program Coordinator, accompanied  him, a new level of awareness and maturity surfaced.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect environment for our son to relish in “il calcio italiano” and to experience first hand, “lo stile italiano.”
Thank you Bruno and Francesca for immersing our son into your soccer culture and for providing him with such a valuable,  enriching and memorable experience.”
Joe and Frances Cuzzetto
(Francesco’s Parents)
Vancouver, BC

“Ciao Bruno,
Prima di tutto, scusa per scriverti un mese dopo che sono arrivato in messico.
Tutto sta andando molto bene qua, ho visto tutti i miei amici, tutta la famiglia, i cugini, le freghe, ecc...
Ma la cosa piú importante che mi é succesa é questa, da due settimane che ero a prova con una squadra di quarta divisione, la giocano ragazzi di 15 a 19 anni, e sono stato a prova con una squadra di quel campionato due settimane, e da una settimana che sono entrato in quella squadra,  adesso sono felice, mi alleno da lunedi a venerdi due volte al giorno, un´ora e mezza nella mattina con i portieri, e dopo nel pomeriggio due ore e mezza con tutta la squadra, la veritá sono stanco ogni giorno, tutto il giorno, ma penso che se non lo faccio non diventeró piú bravo.
Mercoledi scorso abbiamo giocato la nostra prima partita di preparazione, sono stato titolare, e abbiamo vinto 3-1, ho fatto una bella parata, ma anche mi hanno segnato, solo ho giocato mezzo tempo, perché nella squadra ci sono quattro portieri e tutti dovevamo giocare, venerdi ha giocato la nostra squadra, ma il mister non mi ha convocato, per lo stesso, vuole vedere tutti, ma penso che c´ho una bella oportunitá per essere titolare. Ci sentiamo Bruno.”
Student /Player participant
(Lomas Verde Naucalpan  – MEXICO)



“Very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Bruno!!!  May your program have all the success it deserves.  Mikel and Aaron talk about you and what a great teacher you were for them.  They compare your coaching to the coaching of their coach at San Francisco City College and say that you are so much better, sooooo much better.  They always have you in their soccer conversations and say what you do right ( which is all of what you do!!!) and what coaches here do just opposite of what you do and how it is not good for the game.  I think the year in Perugia with you is the best decission we made.  Not only for the great quality of your teaching, but for your great human qualities.

I hope your program is doing very well, although with this crisis...But you deserve to have students all the time.  I have recommended your program to many people.  I hope somebody goes.

Mikel is doing VERY well.  He has got all A's in his first semester in college and going strong.  He loves Anatomy and had the highest grade in his class of 150 students.  He is very motivated to study now.    He is thinking of going to visit Perugia this summer for a few weeks.

Besos for all and again, HAVE A GREAT 2009 FULL OF GOOD THINGS AND HOPE.”

Mikel’s Mother
(Berkeley – CA USA)

“Ciao Francesca e Bruno,
Noi siamo molto grati per la vostra pazienza  e per aver sempre stato lí per lui. Spero che un giorno lui capirá quello che avete fatto voi due….. Vi ringraziamo per tutto che avete fatto per noi e per Chrisopher.  Avete formato parte della sua vita quest'anno e vi ricorderemo con tanto apprezzo, gratitudine e gioia.”
Annelie e Robin
(Christopher’s Parents)

“Ciao Bruno,

How are you? How is Francesca? I miss being in Italy and training with you. How is the new team doing? Please let me know how it has been going! I sent you an email earlier but think I typed in the wrong address since I didn't get a response. I unfortunately had to stay in the states this year and finish up at my university. I am almost done with my classes and will have my degree soon! I am still playing soccer here, not for the university team, but for a club team. I am going to Trinidad and Tobago in December with my mother to try out for a couple of their professional teams in the top league. You were by far the best coach I have ever had and learned so much. How is Joseph doing?
Please write back as soon as you can, and if you can give me a good time to call I would love to speak to you on the phone. My Italian is pretty good since I took a university course here right when I got home from Italy. I wish you had received my other email and I hope all is well!!
Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely”

(New York – USA)
Student/player participant

“First of all we have only warm words to say about the day together with Francesca. She took us everywhere and answered all our questions, so thank you very much Francesca. Daniel was also impressed with the training session with Mr. Redolfi, and the soccer is the main thing for him when it comes to a decision. He seems very interested to join the program, so if he doesn't change his mind we intend to register him in about three-four weeks.
If he decide to do so, it will be the program with the boarding school.”
Regards from Marianne and Amir
Amir Jr’s Parents
Student/players participant

“Hello Bruno!
Thank you for sending the evaluations.  We all have been waititng for them.  I understand everything there, it is very complete.
Bruno, I really appreciate the time, the care and the expertise you put into these boys.  I know Nick really values you and is greatful for the training he is getting with you.  We are thinking of what Nick is going to do next year as far as soccer.  I know Nick expressed that if he knew that you would be there, in Perugia next year for sure, he would stay in Assisi to continue training with you.  If it's OK with you, please let me know if you are going to continue in Perugia next year.   Thank you for everything.Sincerely”
Nick’s Mother
Student/player participant

“Hi Bruno,
Just wanted to say ' thanks' for taking the time to speak with Cody today, I know you're very busy.
You have been a terrific mentor to him....too bad you're so far away. It's hard for him to know what to do.
Anyway, you're a good guy, Bruno. Just wanted to make sure you knew that !!”
(Cody’s mother)

“ciao bruno,
Just wanted to say hello, and thank you for everything last year.
I am at universtiy and playing, and having a good season. Say hello to Francesca and any of the guys who are coming back this year. keep in touch.”
Student/player participant

“Ciao Bruno,

It is great to hear from you. I too miss the program and all the great people involved. I'm currently enrolled at a 2 year university in San Francisco where I will play soccer and study for this next year……………. The intelligence, instinct, and professionalism of players here in the USA are not nearly as good as those of players their age in Italy, and those characteristics combined with the tactics and technical improvements I have acquired from your academy, will give me a significant advantage towards achieving this goal.
In the near future I would like to return to your program for you assessment of my capacities and further instruction…... Now that I have returned home I will focus on increasing my technical capacities, through concentration and intensity, my physical capacities, and my quality of movement off the ball (which I feel is the biggest difference between players in America and those in Europe). I also await you final technical evaluation to use as a guide for my improvement...................After experiencing the culture and witnessing the model of professionals in Italy, it has become my dream to play there. I believe that returning to university in the USA will give me a safety net: a secondary option to continue my studies if things don't work out. So, whatever advice you have or evaluation of my abilities and potential you can give, I am eager to hear from you.

Thank you for everything and best wishes!”

(Berkeley – CA USA)
Student/player participant

“Dear Bruno and all of you

Thank you very much for your report about Mikel.  Knowing my son (and aside for the more technical comments), I know you are absolutely right in what you say.  I hope you give your comments to him and he reads them.
Thank you very much also for your dedication to the program and your excellent coaching.  Mikel continues to show the greatest respect for you in all our conversations.  He feels you are "a unique person".
David just arrived home;  he has been talking to me about you and Francesca and how dedicated you are to the program.  He much enjoyed your style of coaching;  he says there is something "zen" about it. 

Best wishes and keep up the good work.”        

Student’s mother
(California – USA)

I am very good... I arrived back in New Zealand and it is very good to see all of my family and friends again after a whole year!
I hope you know that I had an amazing time over in Italia and I was honored to be one of your players, I have come back to my country with much more knowledge and skill.
I have joined the same team that I was playing for before I left to Italia, I am very happy.
I have also kept in touch with a couple of the guys like Benji and Owen.
I will also be coming back to Perugia to visit you between 24th Aug-5th Sept. Maybe I can meet some of the new guys too!
How are you? How was your course that you have just completed?
Anyway it was great to hear from you and I will see you in a couple of months in Perugia...
Ciao e Grazie Bruno. Baci per Francesca”
(Aukland – New Zealand)
Player/student participant

“Bruno, ciao, sono Mikel. Spero que tutto sia buonisimo con te e la tua famiglia in questo bellisimo ano. Molto a successo da quando habiamo finito. No lo sai quanto felice sono avendo fatto il tuo allenamento. E molto interesante vedere e fare tutto quelo que mi hai detto qui. Adesso vedo e faccio lo que m'hai detto. E infati questo ano ho giocato per la mia universita, ho avuto alcuni problemi, pero sopra tutto ho giocato bene e ho potuto controlare la mia testa. Anque ho fatto bene la scuola e ho di deciso di studiare kinesiologia. Come sta la accademia e tutti quanti la? Che qualcuno que ti piace? Vi voglio benisimo e penso di visitare Perugia queste estate. Manqo il calcio Italiano!
Best wishes “

(San Francisco – California)
Student/player participant

“Ciao Francesca e Bruno!
Scusatemi perche non vi ho scritto prima, ma ho cominciato la scuola e sono un po' occupato. Non ho molte notizie per dirvi ma qui ci sono le piú importanti:
Sono entrato in una scuola nuova e sono molto contento, in questa scuola c'é una squadra molto importante di calcio ed é molto difficile accedere. Ma io sono stato eletto per giocare in questa sqaudra e sono molto felice a vi ringrazio perche parte di questo ottenimento e vostro.
Questo é tutto, e voglio di nuovo ringraziarvi per tutto l' anno scorso, e per tutte le cose che avete fatto per me.
Un saluto en molti abracci,
P.D. Buona fortuna con i ragazzi di questo anno e spero di rivedervi qualcun giorno non molto lontano.”
José Pablo
Queretaro – Mexico
Student/player participant

“Open your mind, control your body, come for a year, remember for a lifetime.”

Shane (Toronto – ON Canada)

“The key to soccer success.”

Ryan (Toronto – ON Canada)

“Professional, technical, mental training.”

Owen (West Stockbridge  - MA USA)

“At Accademia Insegnare Calcio impossible is nothing. The impossible is just a word, nothing more.”

Jozsef (Salgotarian-HUNGARY)

“The quintessential combination  of culture, language and soccer. Everything  the  States  can’t  provide.” 

Benjamin (New York-USA)

“Live, life, enjoy soccer.”

Josè Pablo (Queretaro-MEX)

“Live, life to the fullest. The ultimate soccer experience.” 

Clay (Tierra Verde – FL USA)

“At Accademia Insegnare Calcio you can open your mind and play the beautiful game.”

Nicholas  (Sparta – NJ USA)

“Listen, learn, achieve.” 

Mikel (California-USA)

“Hey Bruno,
I received the school documents about a week ago and thought I 'd just tell you so you know that I have received them so your not wondering if we have gotten them or not. I also wanted to say that I am very satisfied of how much I have learned from you and the experience of being in a foreign country. I do not have any regrets of being a part of your program, I am really satisfied with how much I really have grown as a football player. Through all the aspects but especially with what I have learned about the movement of the game, of how my mind has changed in ways of thinking to the current position I would be in during a match. With what I have learned knowledge-wise about the game I can help a lot more kids/players of my community using what you have taught me. Thank you. Ciao”
(Yarmouth - Nova Scotia  Canada)
Student/player participant

“Dear Bruno:
Hope everything is going well. In the many communications we have had with Jose Pablo he has kept us informed of the different activities and the progress that has been taking place since he arrived to Assisi. It is clear that deciding on having the soccer program as an integral part of this year abroad was indeed a key element of his overall experience, which he is enjoying thoroughly. He appreciates the professionalism and approach you apply to training and feels already, that in only two months of being in Italy, he has gained a completely new concept of the game and how to become better at it.
Please let us know if there is anything relevant or of interest on Pablo’s involvement in the program and on his overall integration to the team.
Warmest regards”
Ana and Mario Steta
Pablo’s Parents
(Queretaro - Mexico)

“Hola Bruno,
qué gusto saber de ti y más que ahora eres el segundo entrenador del FC Modena. Yo estuve en Modena hace algunos años y me gustó mucho, sobretodo el vinagre balsámico y los Ferrari…
Hace tiempo te escribí para que me ayudaras con el tema del reporte sobre el trabajo de Pedro en Italia en la Academia de Calcio en Assisi y si era posible que además nos hicieras una carta de recomendación. Me contestaste que tenías papelería de tu nueva Academia, pero después ya no supe nada de ti. Quisiera que retomáramos el tema.
Te quiero contar que Pedro jr. fue con su equipo de la escuela a un torneo con otros equipos de México y ganaron. Según su entrenador, Pedro fue el mejor jugador, no sólo de su equipo sino de todo el torneo. Creo que mucho te lo debe a ti.Un abrazo”
Pedro Junior ‘s Father
Student/player participant

“Mr Redolfi,
Thank you very much for the whole support that you offered to my son Andres, he had the opportunity to travel  to your great country and meet wonderful people like you and Lorenzo. In be had of my son thank you very much for everything, Andres will never forget this wonderful experience.
If you come to Florida my husband and I will be glad to meet you and we are please if you stay in our home.
Again thank you very much”
(Andres’s Mother)
Weston – FL USA

“Hey Bruno,
It's the best girl player ever, and your number 1 FAN!!!!
I'm sorry this thank you letter is so late.  My computer wasn't working, and I was so busy..
I would like to thank you sooo MUCH!   When I came back to Canada and played in my soccer game I shined. Everything you taught me I used on the feild.. You made me into a great player and I would like to see you again sometime.. I would like to learn more skills and knowledge of the soccer game from you. (CALCIO) hahaha          
I heard you were coming to the Ontario Soccer Association in Luglio (JULY).. I willl be there training with you for sure You've taught me ALOT
Soccer camper
(Toronto – Canada)