Technics & Tactics

Whenever a coach builds a training programme, a training session, must always ask whether it meets the objectives he wants to achieve. An attentive coach must especially ask whether the exercise that he will propose to its team, its players, is effective, is appropriate to the skills of its players, is easy to understand and is able to achieve the desired technical, tactical and physical goals.

Below we begin to suggest our ideas of work which are the result of many years of study, observation and experience to coach teams and to teach soccer players of all ages. We hope our contributions can help your work on the field, give ideas and above all, can make you think about what daily propose to your players.

Always remember that, the protagonist of this wonderful sport, is not you but your players!





INTRO: we recommend coaches to use this exercise for those teams that play with a 4-3-3 system, but it is understood that by varying the number of players this exercise is useful for all gaming systems. Among the many goals that it has, this exercise is especially important from the point of view of tactical cooperation between departments of the team during the construction of the offensive phase for finalizing in goal and for movements of defensive phase. For this reason, in this exercise, we formed the YELLOW TEAM with four defenders and three midfielders and the BLUE TEAM with four midfielders and three forwards.

AIM OF THE EXERCISE: opening, passing, attack of the spaces, fast finshing at the goal, defensive and offensive cooperation with numeric inferiority and superiority, tactical cooperation and typical movememnts of 4-3-3 system of play.

DESCRIPTION: the exercise is developed in a midfield closer, divided by a line of cones in two spaces one bigger than the other. In the smaller space with regular goal, three forwards playing against four defenders to score. We play with free touches. In the bigger space three yellow midfielders playing against four blue midfielders to score in three small goal. The yellow midfielders have to score in three smaller goals, they can be helped by a defender in support that fits the bigger space. The defender can enter dribbling ball or moving without the ball and receiving it in the other space. In the event that the blu midfielders of the smaller space win the ball, the situation of play continues as 4 vs 4 and when the ball will return to the smaller space the defender previously entered can go back to his zone. In general, the yellow defenders and blue midfielders can pass the ball respectively to yellow midfielders and blue forwards, but they when receive the ball, can't pass it back but must try to shoot at goal quickly. Each player must respect his space. Every 10 minutes the teams change their space.

VARIATIONS: 1) attackers can pass the ball to the defenders; 2) limited touches of the ball; 3) inserts in the spaces of the defenders is good from both spaces; 4) vary the number and the position of the players.