An important opportunity for comparison

Many have been in recent years the Coaching Symposium that we have organized, directed or to which we have participated as speakers. Clubs and federations around the world by knowing our experience and our curriculum, call our Technical Director to discuss the working methods and training programmes to be set for the construction of a young player or to coach a professional or amateur soccer team. The coaching symposium are important moments of growth, comparison, each participant as well as update and enrich their knowledge is called upon to express, even critically their own ideas, their beliefs, their difficulties in carrying out the job of coach. In football, we believe there is not only one truth, but many truths, it's by definition an unpredictable sport, not cataloged, it depends on variables in flux. And if each of us could compare, express own ideas, thinking to know everything, to be the best, will favor the process of collective and individual growth that every coach needs, especially those who go to work with young players.

Below in addition to announcing the next Symposium will organize or participate in, we list the topics discussed at the Coaching Symposium that we have done over the years.