One, Two, Three Months


Similar to the six and nine months soccer course offered in our Boarding School Program, our Academy offers the opportunity to carry out short-term programs lasting from one to three months. The monthly training programs are available throughout the year, from September to June and are dedicated to all those players, boys and girls, who want to come to Italy and to enroll in our Academy. Each player is free to choose the length of stay:  one, two or three months. This modified program is a
great and interesting opportunity to learn soccer and especially to experience, in a new reality, the student’s technical and tactical ability needed to play. Naturally this particular program is intensive, there are 5 weekly training sessions both individual and collective.  The sessions are directed by the coaching staff of our academy and/or local clubs who are partners of our academy, always under our supervision. The training take place in the afternoon and last 2/2.30 hours. The soccer training program is the same for all students (High School and University level), but individual skill levels will be considered specifically and respective needs will be addressed.  All this in order to establish for each student, an adequate training program that ensures a high level of soccer improvement so that each student can reach his/her full potential. Within our training program, our academy also offers a specific and individual course for muscle strengthening and coordination, according to the needs of each of our player, at our affiliated gym. The course provides an opportunity for our athletes to attend the gym every day (except Sunday) according to individual programs that our technical staff have determined to fit the needs of each individual player, presented after the first week of evaluations.



Students (boys/girls) will be accommodated in comfortable facilities that our Academy will choose based on the age of the player and especially the duration of his stay (one, two or three months). The hotel or college facilities we offer are equipped with all the services necessary to stay:

- Single or double room;

- Four meals each day: breakfast - lunch - little snack after training – Dinner;

- Wi-fi Area;

- TV room;

- Game room;

- Food and drink vending machine;

- Laundry once a week for clothing used in training (for other garments to be washed, costs will be incurred).



To complete the training of each of our students during their stay in Italy our Academy believes that it is essential provide our students with a variety of experiences. In order to save time and for better daily organization, our academy offers our students/players a transportation service to and from the sports centre for training when they have completed their session:

Also, with the permission of the student’s parents and our Academy’s Staff, the students can organize their own excursions (by trains or public buses). The Academy’s staff will record the time of departure and monitor the entry time of return from activities. Our Academy staff will be in constant communication regarding the needs or problems of the students.



In these types of programs, because of their brevity, the players will be subjected to specific tests to verify their basic skills and the evaluations are based on each player’s characteristics such as, determining the ideal position, (defender, midfielder, striker) that the player must have on the field in order to analyze the best adaptability to different game systems. It’s for youth who want to:

- train intensively in a professional way with experienced and professionals coaches (UEFA licensed);

- correct their own soccer shortcomings;

- know how to improve their soccer skills;

- confront themselves with Italian soccer players of their own age;

- receive suggestions on their best position on a team;

- live experiences of Italian professional soccer;

- learn something about the culture and the history of Italy;

- experience life in a foreign country and of course have fun!

The players will train every day both “individually and collectively” with the team of the Italian Soccer School A.I.C. or with one of our soccer club partners, where our students can compare their skills with those of young Italian players. We believe, and we have had evidence that this is a fundamental aspect for the growth of young soccer players of our Academy. For this reason, our training program, under our guidance, will be supported by our club partners where students can periodically train and play friendly games. At the end of training program they will receive a detailed evaluation report with the results and comments on all aspects of the young player. In this way, the player will understand in what areas he/she needs to improve and especially determining, according to his/her technical, tactical and physical skills, the ideal position of play on the field. All players, especially those who participate in two or three months of the program and who have reached a good level of preparation, according to the judgment and experience of our qualified coaching staff, will have the opportunity to participate in tryouts with professional club partners of our Academy.



Based on the period of stay, the older participants-16 years and above, (referred to as: “University level players”), have the option to study Italian Language & Culture at the prestigious and famous “University for Foreigners of Perugia” by choosing any one of the 6 (six) levels of understanding and knowledge of the language. Our students attend lectures in the morning and will be placed in classes with other students from all parts of the world.

Even the youngest ones (referred to as: “High School level players”) can follow lessons of Italian language conducted by native teachers (but bilingual) at appropriate institution partners of our Soccer Academy.



The weekdays may be structured differently depending on whether or not the players participate in the optional activity lessons of Italian language & culture.

Following is a typical week without the lessons of Italian language & culture.


Arrival/Welcome orientation meeting & room assignment 


MORNING: gym - lunch time (about 1 pm)

AFTERNOON: training with the Academy or with local team - snack time (about 5.20/6 pm)

EVENING: free time/relaxation - dinner time (about 8 pm)


MORNING: gym - lunch time (about 1 pm)

AFTERNOON: individual training and tests with Academy Coach - snack time (about 5.30/6 pm)

EVENING: free time/relaxation - dinner time (about 8 pm)


MORNING: gym - lunch time (about 1 pm)

AFTERNOON: training with the Academy or with local teams (maybe friendly games) - snack time (about 5.30/6 pm)

EVENING: free time/relaxation - dinner time (about 8 pm)


MORNING: gym - lunch time (about 1 pm)

AFTERNOON: training with the Academy or with local teams (maybe friendly games) - snack time (about 5.30/6 pm)

EVENING: free time/relaxation - dinner time (about 8 pm)


MORNING: gym - lunch time (about 1 pm)

AFTERNOON: individual training and tests with Academy Coach - snack time (about 5.30/6 pm)

EVENING: free time/relaxation - dinner time (about 8 pm)


MORNING: gym - lunch time (about 1 pm)

AFTERNOON: attend to Italian Championship - match of Youth Professional Level or Serie B Division

EVENING: free time/relaxation - dinner time (about 8 pm)


MORNING: free time or excursion (lunch time about 1 pm or bagged lunch)

AFTERNOON: attend to Italian Championship - match of Serie A or Lega Pro Division

EVENING: free time/relaxation - dinner time (about 8 pm)


Italian Soccer School A.I.C. - Accademia Insegnare Calcio and its staff are pleased and proud to host and accept both boys and girls from all over the world into its soccer family.  We invite and welcome them to undergo this unique and extensive full-time Soccer Program and life-changing experience. We are truly confident that through our experience, methodology and outstanding services we will contribute to the social, cultural, educational and soccer growth of our students.