Talent Search Project




Abroad, our Academy with scouts and coaches is called by clubs and sports associations from around the world who organize scouting events by bringing together many young players in order to have them evaluated by our technical staff. The talent search usually lasts three days, but based on the number of participants may last a week. Each young participant at the talent search is evaluated with respect to: behavior in the game; position on the field and demonstration of technical skills. To do this, our technical staff challenges each participant (who are divided into specific age groups) to:  a regular match; a complex situation of play; specific exercises of team tactics and finally specific physical tests. All young players who have shown good skills and interesting prospects for improvement are asked to come to Italy to carry out tryouts with Italian professional football clubs, partners of our Academy. (The photos on the side and upper right depict some players participating in Toronto - CANADA'S Talent Search)


In Italy, the professional clubs who work with our Academy, once the regular application is submitted and accepted by the Italian Football Federation, ask our scouts and our coaches, to scout and bring players from Italy and from all over the world in order to discover new soccer talent or to find young players ready to play in the Italian Divisions. (The photo depicts a player of our Academy during a test with the Modena FC)